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Okay summer time is coming and the way many of us love wet and wavy hair. However we can't stand it when the what’s supposed to be luscious waves turns into a frizz catastrophe. Fret no further! Take a look at the next ideas below on how to keep up those stunning waves.
Your biggest mistake is using products that are not made for curly textures. In order for you comfortable curls
- I recommend Tender Sheen Carson curl activator/moisturizer (yellow and red bottle),
Pantene Professional V Frizz Controller and Tresemme Lengthy lasting Curl spray
- Use products made for curly hair
- If you would like comfortable curls don’t use gel, spritz, or
mousse (avoid merchandise with alcohol)
- Try to keep the hair hydrated
- Use cold water in your spray bottle as opposed
to heat water ( I realized that cold water decreases the amount of frizz on the Tyra present!)
- Some days you wouldn't have to put water on it =
simply apply a curl activator
- When wet scrunch the hair= don’t brush, don’t comb
SCRUNCH from the underside up
If you will brush - brush Only when dry- This will make hair fuller.
Need a really voluminous look? Then attempt blow drying with a diffuser.
- Use a minimal amount of product or the hair will start to weigh down and you'll get greasy!
- If your human hair weave is loosing its curl straighten it out if
then attempt to curl it again or strive setting it on rods, flexi rods, or straw curls
for a different pattern.
- Remember curls are meant to be fun, so have fun
together with your wavy locks! Please don't forget to subscribe to our site at no cost and get freebies. Additionally, we are cellular now!

Feel free to surf to my blog post; BrighterHair
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